Baanboonpetch Resort

Baanboonpetch is a resort and restaurants located on Coca Cola Beach. Providing a comfortable beachside accommodation–clean and spacious bungalow style rooms. Beachfront restaurant serves fresh seafood, Thai food, and Western food, which you can enjoy at table in the restaurant or on sun chairs on the beach.

Sunset view, Coca cola beach.

Wedding & Events

In addition to hospice services, we also organize events such as weddings, birthday parties. Baanboonpetch known both in Thailand and overseas. We have events on holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year and more.

Birthday Party (Idea from our customer)
Beach Wedding


The restaurant located on the beach front the Coca Cola beach. A la carte options for both Thailand and abroad with fresh seafood. You can sunbathe on the beach and call the staff to order immediately. The restaurant is open from 7 am - 6 pm.

We can set a special table for you!

Guaranteed to Impress

Baanboonpetch is trusted by many brands and people around the world.

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